Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
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Wenzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center

Address: No. 1 East Jiangbin Road, Wenzhou, China

Initial Rate 10 RMB within 4 km; 4-10 km, 2 RMB/km; over 10 km, 2.5RMB/km. Moreover, you will have to pay 2 RMB in addition per time as fuel adjustment factor.


Most citizens in Wenzhou cannot communicate in English fluently, if you need translation service, please contact(visitor@donnor.com) the organizer in advance.

Currency Exchange
The legal tender is the China Renminbi Yuan(CNY¥).
Please check the latest exchange rate at:
You can exchange for CYN at the airport, banks and some leading hotels.

Useful Number
Wenzhou Airport: 0577-86876666
Wenzhou Airport (inquiry): 0577-85805729
Airport ticket (reservation phone): 96555(Domestic)/0577-88324312(Overseas)
Appointed Air Ticket: JET 0577-88324312
Railway Ticket Reservation: 0577-88389999, 1608608
Bus Booking (Xincheng Station): 1608602
Xinnan Station Inquiry: 1608603

Organizer: Wenzhou Shoes & Leather Industry Association
Zhejiang Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tel.: +86-577-88902222 Fax: +86-577-88901788 Email: market@donnor.com

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