AUG. 21-23,2020

Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
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Traffic Route

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Venue: Wenzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center

Address: No. 1 Jiangbin East Road, Wenzhou, China

Venue in Chinese: 温州国际会展中心

Address in Chinese:温州鹿城区江滨东路1号

Initial Rate 10 RMB within 4 km; 4-10 km, 2 RMB/km; over 10 km, 2.5RMB/km. Moreover, you will have to pay 2 RMB in addition per time as fuel adjustment factor.


Most citizens in Wenzhou cannot communicate in English fluently, if you need translation service, please contact( the organizer in advance.

Currency Exchange
The legal tender is the China Renminbi Yuan(CNY¥).
Please check the latest exchange rate at:
You can exchange for CYN at the airport, banks and some leading hotels.

Useful Number
Wenzhou Airport: 0577-86876666
Wenzhou Airport (inquiry): 0577-85805729
Airport ticket (reservation phone): 96555(Domestic)/0577-88324312(Overseas)
Appointed Air Ticket: JET 0577-88324312
Railway Ticket Reservation: 0577-88389999, 1608608
Bus Booking (Xincheng Station): 1608602
Xinnan Station Inquiry: 1608603

Organizer: Wenzhou Shoes & Leather Industry Association
Zhejiang Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tel.: +86-577-88902222 Fax: +86-577-88901788 Email:

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