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Wenzhou Lifeng Shoe Machinery Co., Ltd.
Position Number:8A079
Bronzing machine, water-based glue sprayer, white glue sprayer, onychoscopy peeling machine, hot melt glue peeling machine, leather scaping machine, shoetop edging machine, adjustable speed skinning machine, vacuum speed skinning machine, fur-inside skinning machine, middle-bottom skinning machine, special burr line blowing machine, line blowing machine, sensor line blowing machine,
Made feng automation equipment co., LTD 】 【 days in wenzhou shoes machine co., LTD., set research and development, production, sales as one of professional shoe-making equipment enterprises, the main products are: pyrograph machine, water-based glue, white glue glue machine, 䃼 glue machine, hot melt adhesive port treasure machine, peeling machine, inspecting and leather scar vamp edge grinding machine, peeling machine speed regulation and aspiration speed peeling machine, MAO peeling machine, peeling machine, the bottom flash dedicated line machines, line machines, induction line machines, nail, and all the shoes machine accessories and so on. Welcome each shoe, shoe machine, luggage, leather goods industry and so on from all walks of life to enjoy the presence and patronage! Telephone: WeChat: 15157766320
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