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Various Shoe Machinery Exhibitors Make Their Appearance in Wenzhou
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The 21st China (Wenzhou) Int’l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair will be held on 25-27 Aug in Wenzhou Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center. It is expected the exhibiting area reaches 45,000 sqm which occupies 1,500 standard booths. So far, all the booths for shoe machineries are sold out including the newly open Hall 8 for heavy shoe machinery.

According to the official statistics, from January to May in 2016, shoe-making enterprises have finished saleroom up to RMB 295.3 billion, which is 7.1% increasing than the same period of last year. With shoe manufacturing enterprises transforming and upgrading, great demands for intelligent technology in shoe making industry bring new business opportunities to shoe machine manufacturers. This trend makes them participate in fairs to show their latest products to attract new clients actively.

In international exhibiting area, Taiwan Shoe Machinery Pavilion outshines brightly and increases 13.3% in scales comparing with last session. Famous brands like Cheng Feng, Qi Xiang, Yi Hong, Run Ze, Qian Fu, Din Sheng, Wei Rong, Gao Tie, Da Wang, Zhu Dian will display their newest technology together in Wenzhou Leather Fair. For domestic shoe machinery, Wenzhou local enterprises are highly motivated to participate this session. Exhibitors who are members of Wenzhou Shoe Machinery Chamber of Commerce strongly support this fair. Zhu Da, Ju Da, Shen Ming, Ming Yu, Ju Yu, Zhi Guang, De Shilong, Zhong Da, Da Nan, Ju Li, Yong Biao, Hai Feng, Hua Du, Beng Long, Shi Bang, Da Shun and etc are now actively preparing for the coming fair. Meanwhile, some China famous brands like Da Long, Yong Yu, Cang Qiao, Emma, Yong Long, Rui Neng, Zheng Deli, Bei Wang, Ming Cheng, Ou Meike, Lian Tai 3D Printing also join Wenzhou fair as exhibitors.

As an annual feast for shoe making industry, Wenzhou Int’l Leather fair is rich in exhibits and diversified in choice for both exhibitors and visitors. Global visitors always value this fair as an important purchasing stop. The new coming session will surely be an excellent one. For more info, please visit or write to

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