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The 20th China (Wenzhou) Leather Steps into 20th Anniversary Celebration
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In this hot and passionate summer, the 20th China (Wenzhou) Int’I Leather, Shoe Material & Shoes Machinery Fair is getting closer. As the past years, it will be showed on 27-29 August, 2015 in Wenzhou Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center. 2015 China Int’I Synthetic Leather Fair and 2015 China (Wenzhou) Int’I Sewing & Clothing Equipment Fair will also be held in the same period.
With the great efforts made by our stuffs, numbers of exhibitors will attend the business feast. It is estimated that nearly 700 exhibitors and over 70 foreign countries buyers from Italy, India, Pakistan, Spanish, France and others are appealing to the fair. Up to now, 90% of the booths have already been sold out.

According to the news issued by the organizing committee, what catch our eyes most is the Taiwan pavilion. It is not only the increase of the number, but also the latest technologies and the newest machines they brought, which will vividly present for buyers. As a result, our exhibiting scale will make a breakthrough and the number of booth selling increase by 20% compare to last year, make it a record high.

Besides the Taiwan-made machines, there are also many noted shoe machinery exhibitors attending the show from other area. Main-stream enterprises devoted to producing the most advanced machines meets the demands of the purchasers, for instance, Day Peak Mechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, whose many technologies achieve the industry leading level, established in Dongguan, Guangzhou, 1995. It is inspiring that Day Peak will bring its newest national patent, the brand-new machinery product on the scene.; Wenzhou Yizhan Machine , also a substantial company, will take its technological product “running decorating machine” on the show. It is no doubt that all of these machinery technologies add much charm and strength for the fair. And all the visitors can appreciate the latest technologies and selected what they most want to choose.

Meanwhile, the related activities will be on the calendar as usual years. The overseas buyer’ China Shoe Capital Tour and Synthetic Leather Summit are regarded as the tradition. Also, our committee will make efforts to creative other interrelated activities to rich the fair.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary for the establishment of the Wenzhou Int’I Leather Fair, the grand opening ceremony and reception banquet will be organized by the committee to express sincere appreciation for the years of support to the fair. Besides, the committee will also provide Admission Cards and other conveniences like free hotel to the distinguished guests.

Above all, the 20th China (Wenzhou) Int’I Leather, Shoe Material & Shoes Machinery Fair is not only a visual feast but also a professional, trend and technical banquet. Let’s keep pace with it and witness its great success in this August.

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