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Industry News Friday 24th of June 2022
Calcutta Leather Complex Sees Light through Coronavirus Gloom

The coronavirus has badly hit exports of leather goods, from India’s Bantala Complex, but amidst the strain there has been hope, in the shape of fresh orders of industrial safety gear coming from the states. China has always been the main source of i…

Industry News Thursday 23rd of June 2022
Xingye Expects to Double Output of Hongxing Automobile Leather

Xingye Technology reported in its investor relations activity record that the company is committed to becoming a one-stop leather material supplier. In the past few years, it has made some reforms with market changes, and it achieved certain results i…

Industry News Tuesday 21st of June 2022
The District of Marche, Symbol of Resilience

Cruciality of the territorial dimensionRecent research shows that shoe manufacturing has very ancient origins. Even Boccaccio, the well-known Renaissance author of the “Decameron”, in the fifth short story of the eighth day mentions Italian shoes pr…

Industry News Wednesday 15th of June 2022
Footwear Industry Eyes $1b Export Target

Footwear manufacturers, while terming the ban on import of goods a right and wise decision, have expressed hope that the move will lead to 100% local shoe manufacturing over the coming years.“We have set the shoe export target at $1 billion for 2027,…

Industry News Tuesday 14th of June 2022
China’s 2021 Leather Shoes and Boots Output Down Slightly

In 2021, the output of leather shoes in China was 3.524 billion pairs, a year-on-year decrease of 0.5%.In 2021, the region with the largest output of leather shoes in China was 2.769 billion pairs in East China, accounting for 78.56% of the total outp…

Industry News Monday 13th of June 2022
Bangladesh Leather Exporters Get 40% Less due to Lack of Compliance

Bangladesh’s leather sector is unable to fully tap its potential and expand its footprint globally despite the domestic availability of raw materials due to lack of compliance. As a result, exporters are getting 30-40 per cent lower prices for their …

Industry News Friday 10th of June 2022
Development of China's Shoe Machinery Industry from January to April 2022

According to the data of the Customs Head Office, from January to April 2022, the total imports and export of Chinas shoe machinery reached US $131.41 million, including the US $1.41 million in imports and the US $130 million in export, realizing a tr…

Industry News Wednesday 8th of June 2022
Footwear Trade Associations Have Their Say

The trade associations of some of the most representative countries of footwear manufacturers present at Expo Riva Schuh offer a picture of the current situation, along with the perspectives for future development and the most interesting end markets,…

Industry News Tuesday 7th of June 2022
Consumer Attitude towards Leather - Guest Post by Kerry Senior, Leather UK

Author: Kerry Senior, Director of Leather UKIn 2021, Leather UK commissioned a survey of 2,000 UK adults to examine consumer attitudes to leather, their understanding of leather and the alternatives, and changes in their shopping habits including wher…

Industry News Monday 6th of June 2022
UK Markets and Turkey: Let’s Talk about It with the Associations

Lucy Reece Raybould of BFA and Guven Karaca of IDMIB offer us an overview of the accessories market in their respective countries, the development prospects and directions, as well as expectations regarding participation in the next Expo Riva Schuh &a…

Industry News Wednesday 1st of June 2022
We Make Our Customers’ Wishes Come True

The Schuhhaus Meyer & ABC Shoes shops in Lbbecke (Germany) have been a real family history for almost 120 years (www.schuhhaus-meyer-luebbecke.de).Today, the Schuhhaus Meyer & ABC Shoes shops are run by the third and fourth generation of the e…

Industry News Tuesday 31st of May 2022
Igi & Co: More and More ‘Green’

Igi&Co’s new Green project was initiated by one of Italy’s leading companies to improve our future and that of the planet, through a more sustainable approach.

Industry News Monday 30th of May 2022
Premiata Presents John Low, in the Spirit of the Circular Economy

The Italian brand, leader in the fashion segment, presents the second release of the new John Low model, the expression of a new ‘green’ generation of trendy sneakers.The brand created in 1991 by Graziano Mazza in the Marche region, and leader in th…

Industry News Friday 27th of May 2022
Diadora Utility Glove MDS

The Diadora Utility 2022 collection enlarges its footwear range by focusing on the brand’s pillars, such as innovation, sport and cushioning. Glove MDS is the evolution of the iconic Glove model. In addition to the classic leather upper, the sole has…

Industry News Thursday 26th of May 2022
Ottogalli, Biodegradable Soles for a Bio-sustainable Product

Since its foundation, Ottogalli has been investing significant resources in the development of breakthrough injection moulding technologies, able to meet the increasingly demanding requests of an everchanging market.