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Must Visit in Wenzhou

           Wenzhou Travel Guide

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You'll fall in love with this city


Wenzhou, an industrial city, located at the extre south east of Zhejiang Province, surrounded by mountains, the East China Sea, and 436 islands. It is said that Wenzhou has 7/10 mountains, 1/10 water, and 2/10 farmland. With various natural views, you will find cultural and artistic wonders in every corner of Wenzhou.


Places you can't miss

Urban District - Jiangxinyu  (IN Chinese 市区 - 江心屿)


Jiangxinyu, an island in the middle of Oujiang River, is one of the four famous islands in China. You can visit Jiangxin temple, East and West towers, the old site of consulate, ten scenes of Jiangxin, etc. to experience the rich historical atmosphere of Wenzhou. In the evening, you can also take the ferry to visit Oujiang and watch the spectacular light show.


Reference Ticket: 20 RMB (Subject to official information)

Opening time: 8:00am-8:00pm (Subject to official information)


By Bus: Wenzhou South Station→Take No. 31, 33, 39, 50 bus to Jiangxin wharf→Take the ferry to Jiangxinyu

Dongtou District (IN Chinese 洞头)


Dongtou is composed of 103 islands and 259 reefs, is known as "The County of 100 Islands" and "The Pearl of the East China Sea". Dongtou is characterized by strange rocks, beautiful beaches, beautiful reefs, secluded caves, abundant fish and many birds. With rich fishery resources, you can fish and taste fresh seafood. The seafood in Dongtou is delicious and cheap.


Reference Ticket: From 30 to 100 RMB, some scenic spots are free. (Subject to official information)

Best travel time: Summer

Website: www.dtly.cn

Traffic: There are direct buses to Dongtou from Wenzhou South station and Longwan Airport (WNZ).


Yongjia - Nanxi River (IN Chinese 永嘉 - 楠溪江)


Nanxi River is famous for its unique characteristics of beautiful water, strange rocks, many waterfalls, ancient villages, beautiful beaches and forests. It is the only scenic spot among the national scenic spots in China that is famous for its idyllic scenery. In Nanxi River, you can deeply feel the high combination of landscape culture and ancient village culture. The scenic spot is divided into seven scenic spots: Danan River, Shigui Rock, Daruo Rock, Taiping Rock, Yantan River, Sihai Mountain and Yuantou. There are more than 800 scenic spots in total.


Reference Ticket: 10-50 RMB (Subject to official information)

Opening time: 8:00am-5:00pm (Subject to official information)

Website: www.nxj.cn

Traffic: Take the train to Yongjia station→Take No. 201, 202 bus to Oubei wharf bus station→Transfer to the bus to each scenic spot, or take a taxi, about 20 kilometers away.


Wencheng - Baizhangji Scenic Spot (IN Chinese 文成 - 百丈漈)


Baizhangji Scenic Spot is a set of tourism, scientific research and exploration, summer vacation as one of the tourist attractions. You can enjoy spectacular waterfalls, clear lakes, overlapping mountains and other beautiful views.


Reference Ticket: 55 RMB (Subject to official information)

Opening time: 7:30am-4:00pm (Subject to official information)

Traffic: Wenzhou South Railway Bus Station→Wencheng Bus Station→Take Wencheng to Nantian bus, fet off at the scenic spot


Taishun (IN Chinese 泰顺)



Taishun is a national ecological county and a national key ecological functional area. There are many ancient villages and bridges such as Xuao Ancient Village and Yuanzhou Ancient Village. Wear the traditional Chinese clothes and take a walk on the stone Road. You can enjoy the hot spring after a day's walk. With natural, primitive and unique tourism cultural charm, Taishun is a good place for returning to nature and having a leisure tourism.


Reference Ticket: The bridges and ancient villages are free.

Yunlan Pasture: 80 RMB  (Subject to official information)

Traffic: There are straight buses to Taishun in the passenger transport center, Wenzhou South station and airport.


Pingyang - Nanji Archipelago (IN Chinese 平阳 - 南麂列岛)



Nanji Archipelago is the only national marine nature reserve in China. It has beautiful mountains and rocks, beautiful beaches, blue sea and sky. Nanji Island has the name of “Blue Pasture”.



Route one: Wenzhou passenger transport center→Ruian→Nanmen Wharf→Nanji Island

Route two: Wenzhou passenger transport center→Pingyang→Aojiang Wharf→Nanji Island

Note: In case, it's better to book the ship tickets in advance.


Yueqing - Yandang Mountain (IN Chinese 乐清 - 雁荡山)



Yandang Mountain is known as “The First Mountain in the Southeast”. The terrain is lofty, the form is myriad and the scenery is rich. There are various peaks, rocks, caves, etc., with unique shapes. There have waterfalls, springs, streams, rivers, lakes and other different water forms.


Website: http://zx.wzyds.com

Traffic: Route one: Wenzhou Passenger Transport Center→Yueqing Passenger Transport Center→No. K105/105 Bus to Yandang Baixi Station

Route two: Wenzhou South Station→Yueqing Railway Station→Yueqing No. 21 Bus to Yuecheng Bus Hub→No. K105/105 Bus to Yandang Baixi Station     


Cangnan - Yucang Mountain National Forest Park (IN Chinese 苍南 - 玉苍山)



Cangnan Yucang Mountain National Forest Park has strange rocks, mountain top lakes, ancient temples and secluded caves. It's a good place for ecotourism.


Traffic: Wenzhou Niushanbei Passenger Transport Center take bus to Cangnan Lingxi→take travel bus to Yucang Mountain National Forest Park



Weather of Wenzhou

Wenzhou has a subtropical humid climate with relatively mild temperature throughout the year. The monsoon will come at the end of spring and summer, so it's better to avoid these months.



Traffic of Wenzhou


Wenzhou Longwan International Airport (WNZ) connects to locations throughout China. The bus into city center cost 12 RMB.



The Wenzhou South Station is well connected to the rest of China. S1 light rail runs through Wenzhou.



Wenzhou has many passenger transport centers, connecting many Chinese destinations, and there are many bus stations all over the city. 


For more info please visit http://www.wzta.gov.cn/