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The 27th Wenzhou Int'l Leather Fair is scheduled for August 23-25, 2024

On August 23-25, 2024, the 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Fair will be held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center! The exhibition relies on the advantages of Wenzhou industrial chain, the depth of integration of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places of shoes and leather industry chain upstream and downstream resources, convergence of shoes and leather intelligent manufacturing of high-quality resources, and continue to promote the shoes and leather industry to the transformation and development of digitalization, intelligentization, informationization and flexibilization!

The 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Fair will present a high-specification and high-effective industry event for the shoe leather industry, let's review the last event together!


Crowds of people like weaving-Wenzhou, the shoe city to welcome visitors from all directions

Two years after the epidemic, the 26th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Materials, Shoe Machinery Exhibition and Sewing Equipment, Synthetic Leather, Digital Printing Exhibition was successfully held on July 2-4 in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center!

The exhibition area of this exhibition is nearly 50,000 square meters, 703 enterprises from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places exhibited, the exhibition covers the whole category of products at the supply side of shoes and leather manufacturing. A total of 28,956 professional visitors were attracted to visit and purchase, including 637 overseas buyers from 53 countries and regions around the world, and more than 300,000 people watched the live broadcast of the exhibition activities online. According to incomplete statistics, the exhibition on-site turnover orders of more than 150 million yuan, intentional orders of more than 400 million yuan.


Favorable Reviews - Scale of Commerce and Trade Upgraded

Twenty-sixth China (Wenzhou) International Leather, shoe materials, shoe machine exhibition for the first time set up the guest of honor, and by the guest of honor of the Uzbekistan Leather Industry Association to organize nearly 30 leather and other enterprises to participate in the exhibition in Wenzhou, and attracted Sri Lanka Footwear and Leather Products Manufacturers Association, South Korea, Korea, Clothing Testing and Research Institute and other international purchasing groups, India, Turkey, the United States, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, ASEAN, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh and other foreign buyers from more than 50 countries and regions to visit and purchase. More and more partners work hand in hand with China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Exhibition, and international buyers also give high praise to the exhibition.

- Overseas buyers evaluation -

Farrukh Yakubjanov

Head of Division of "Uzcharmsanoat" Association

Thank you everyone for the hospitality, support as well as for organization of our national stand. We really appreciate all your support. Thanks dears, you are great team!!

Aolk Jain

Chief Financial Officer of CIFI

Great show, many of us from the association came to attend this time and the hospitality of the organizers was very warm! We are very grateful. In wenzhou leather fair we found a lot of footwear industry resources also know a lot of new friends. Benefit a lot!

Jay Park

I was a regular participant in the Wenzhou International Leather ShoeMachine Exhibition. During the 26th exhibition, I think it was a beneficial exhibition to learn a lot about the latest design and technical information on various raw material manufacturers, shoe-finished product manufacturers, and production machinery manufacturers.

I think it is a great opportunity to understand design trends for various and important latest technologies and shoe products through participation in the Wenzhou International Leather Shoe Machine Exhibition, and I hope to continue participating in the future.

Amin Amanullah

I have been to your show many times and each time I learn something new and always notice new changes in the industry!Your exhibition is always very good ..


In this exhibition, we purchased equipment for shoe making, the quality of Chinese products is very good and the price is also very great, we will come back next year, I wish your exhibition will be more and more better. Wenzhou is also a very beautiful city, I like it very much!


Leading the way! The wind is right and the sea is wide, then set sail again!

Looking back to 2023, we have successfully organized a footwear and leather industry event! It provides an internationalized, one-stop communication and cooperation platform for exhibitors and professional buyers with different needs, and injects surging power for the high-quality development of footwear and leather industry in the country and even in the world.

Looking forward to 2024, China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Fair will bring the upgrading and expansion of leather, shoe material, footwear chemicals, footwear hardware/accessories, shoe machinery, sewing equipment, knitting machinery, fly-knitting uppers, digital printing, laser equipment, 3D, CAD/CAM systems and other sectors, outputting a better, newer and broader perspective and resources for the footwear and leather industry.

Favorable policies help the industry's bright future. A few days ago, China decided to implement the unilateral visa-free policy for ordinary passport holders from France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Malaysia and six other countries to encourage trade exchanges and realize the "two-way running to" between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Hundreds of billions of industrial clusters, subversive innovation and development. Shoe leather industry is the traditional advantageous industry in Wenzhou, in 2001, Wenzhou took the title of "China's shoe capital". 20 years, Wenzhou shoe leather industry continued transformation and upgrading, became one of the 100 billion industrial clusters in Wenzhou, and accumulated 7 national gold business cards, 7 Chinese famous brands, 82 Chinese well-known trademarks. With the advantage of industrial clusters, high-quality shoe enterprises from Guangdong and Chengdu have been attracted to transfer to Wenzhou and set up factories there, and "China's Shoe Capital" is crossing the border to "World's Shoe Capital", which will bring new business opportunities for the exhibitors and further enhance the effectiveness of the exhibition.

Thanks to our partners, and thanks to the future! Bringing together shoe innovations, promoting integration; gathering industry leaders, enlightening the future. The 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Fair will start again with a new look of larger scale, higher quality and more refinement!

August 23-25, 2024, Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Materials, Shoe Machinery Fair, with your appointment, do not see you!