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Wenzhou international leather Fair publicity team in Turkey to open the publicity work!


The 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material, Shoe Machinery Fair (referred to as: Wenzhou International Leather, Shoe Material, Shoe Machinery Fair) publicity global line of fire, after which we will go into the domestic shoes and leather industry clusters such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan and other overseas footwear industry in Italy, the United States, Turkey, Russia, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other production areas. We will conduct large-scale, one-to-one buyer invitations, visit industrial clusters, industrial parks, markets, professional exhibitions, etc., and communicate with professional buyers offline face-to-face to accurately match buyers' needs.

Wenzhou international leather exhibition publicity team on May 1 departed to "global line" foreign station - Turkey international leather shoes material shoes machine exhibition (referred to as: AYSAF).


Wenzhou International Leather Fair publicity team to the site of exhibitors and professional visitors to pass the 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Materials, Shoe Machinery Fair's latest message and send out invitations, and strive to invite overseas footwear and leather industry people to participate in the event. And and AYSAF organizer Artkim, INTERTEX PORTUGAL Portugal International Textile and Footwear Fair marketing department head Bugu Paypayn reached a preliminary cooperation intention.


In the future, the organizing committee will continue to make every effort to do a good job of publicity and promotion of the exhibition and audience invitation, to establish a high-quality customer circle. We will continue to uphold the vision of the industry, and the majority of exhibitors and visitors hand in hand, to grasp and share new opportunities in the industry, empowering the construction of a new pattern of industry.