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Unique Group Participates in 2010 China Int`l Synthetic Leather Fair


Unique Group Participates in 2010 China Int`l Synthetic Leather Fair

 In resent years, China synthetic leather enterprises is glowing rapidly with about 20% average increase every year, becoming the leading power in synthetic leather production. Though the production technology and raw materials have been improved deeply, the ecological and environment-friendly development is still a big task for China synthetic leather industry.

With double pressure of “enviornmental protection”, how can China synthetic leather industry face up to low-carban industry? As the enviornment-friendly idea becoming popular, more and more synthetic leather enterprises pay much attention on environment protection. As the biggest China synthetic leather fair, CSLF will wave the flag of low-carbon, collecting various newly-developed environment-friendly products.

Unique Group, which was awarded the “Green Star” by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, will take its latest environment-friendly products to CSLF on 27-29, Aug.,2010 in Wenzhou Int`l Convention & Exhibition Center.

As the professional producer of energy-saving and environment-friendly water-based ployurethane, unique is the first company that was awarded “Green Star”. Unique Group aims to promote China synthetic leather to be ecological and environment-friendly. Now, it has resin for synthetic leather of pure dry series, semi-PU series, PU series and wash leather series, which is widely applicable to garment, sofa, luggage, furniture, footwear, and so on.

Technological innovation is the ever-lasting vitality and activator for enterprises in energy-saving and environment-friendly products and safe production. Water-based polyurethane reserched by Unique will open a door for energy-saving and environment-friendly products and safe production, while CSLF will also     by the participation of Unique. Besides, Xuchuan and Yutian, the leading companies of synthetic leather have also participate in the fair and display their achievements in environment-friendly products.