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Wenzhou New Industries are Leading the way


Wenzhou New Industries are Leading the way
With the recovery of economy, Wenzhou new industries are speeding up to the peak of a new round development and have gotten primary effects.
According to the statistics of Municipal Statistics, Wenzhou new industries, like new energy, new materials and environment-friendly products, have made 1.748 billion industry output, with 56.8 increase than last year and 30% higher than the average increase of the whole industries.
Different from “climbing”style development of conditional industries, Wenzhou new industries group, including Huafeng, HEAG and Weiming, have been speeding up and is running in the “fast track”.
New industries is booming at the age of “post crsis”which will not only show the potenticality of fast improvement but also urge the Wenzhou new economic mode.
New Materials Industry:


How Huafeng Realize Polymerization
“Total revenue is 419 million, 117,35% rise than last year ”---- a bright report of the first season of Huafeng Spandex.
 The fast growing figure shows the new mode of development of Huafeng Group. As the biggest polyurethane in China, Huafeng Group is developing polyurethane industry chain. The project of polyurethane heat preserving material cooperated by Huafen and Puren (Germany) is the latest project of effects, which has put into pruduction in Shanghai with 500,000 m3, the biggest production base of polyurethane foam in Asia.

“The heat preserving material is the affliated product of polyurethane. The product category of Huafeng is more than more enrichable,like polyurethane resin(raw material of sole, resin for leather), polyester polyols, spandex, synthetic leather and super fine synthetic leather, and so on. We are intended to stretch the industry chain to enhance the polymerization of its upstream and downstream products. 
The vice director of Huafeng Group, Chen Enzhi said that Huafeng is endeavering to enter into cargo and storage industries, realizing industry integrational development.
   It is the time of investment which Huafeng chose that attracts people. Last september, Huafeng Group signed the frame aggreement with Wenzhou Municipal Government on the Nylon 66 Project of 11.5 billion RMB, followed by a series of new large investment projects. Decision in yesterday turns to be today`s successful acchievements. The fincial crisis is just like the “activator” for Huafeng whose success lying in the development of new products in ebb.