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WSFO (World Shoe Fair Organizer) invites Donnor

At present, Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd. has received the invitation from WSFO. At Couromoda and Micam, two important meeting were held. The presidents of five (5) of the world’s leading footwear industry events met and decided to create the World Shoe Fair Organizers (WSFO). The top executives representing the following trade fairs were present: WSA, Micam, Midec, Couromoda, and GDS. The group decided to organize WSFO to further the business interests and the interests of the customers. The primary goal of forming this organization is to create a common and unified message to carried throughout the world for the benefit of the footwear industry and customers. A list of the major footwear fairs not yet represented in WSFO was created at the meeting during Micam according to the standard of influence and maturity of the fairs in the world. China Leather Fair (CLF) and CantonSF of Donnor Exhibition are in the list. Donnor is initially invited to join the group. The organizational meeting of the World Shoe Fair Organizers will be held on August 3, 2006 in Las Vegas during the WSA Show. It is confirmed that Donnor is the only one to be invited for WSFO as the shoe fair organizer in China. The invitation of WSFO strongly proved that the position of the fairs of Donnor Exhibition is correct and successful and expounded that CLF and CantonSF has aroused the attention and gained the identification of world footwear industry. China Leather Fair and CantonSF have been growing to professional international fairs. At the beginning of August, Mr. Xiqiang Chen, the General Manager of Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., will fly to America to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Chen will introduce the influential fairs of Donnor to the world and carry out a discussion with the top organizers in the world footwear industry. Besides, Mr. Chen will also visit the WSA show and meet the exhibitors and visitors, manufacturers and traders in America and abroad to know more about the situation and trend of footwear industry. Meanwhile he will invite them to China Leather Fair and CantonSF. With the strength of WSFO, Donnor Exhibition will develop more correct, healthy and prosperous and the operation of the fairs will be more mature and internationalized.