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The 11th China( Wenzhou) International Leather FairChina Synthetic Leather Year Fires Synthetic Leather Hall

According to the Organizing Committee of the 11th China( Wenzhou) International leather Fair, by the end of April, for the 11th China( Wenzhou) International Lather Fair and 2006 Int’l Shoe Machinery & Raw Materials Exhibition 70% of the booths, have been booked, up to 1,026. At present, it has been confirmed that Artificial & Synthetic Leather Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPAS) have approved the programme of “China Synthetic Leather Year” and agreed to be the sponsor. They will call on all the industry to make active cooperation for the grand ceremony. China artificial leather and synthetic leather industry is a booming sun-rise industry with mature technique close to the level of world advanced countries. At present, either product quality or the economic level is ranked in the list of big countries and top in Asia. In 2005, the output of artificial leather and synthetic leather enterprises has reached 27.48 billion yuan. With the development of science and technology and improvement of people’s living standard, the top-grade synthetic leather like the superfine fiber with application and trait superiority develop fast. Presently, nearly 40 superfine fiber synthetic leather product lines have been formed with increasing variety, class and quality. In fact, many products have penetrated into the international market. The rapid development of high-end products leads the entire industry towards intensive economy, scale economy and technological economy once again, and constantly improves the core competitiveness of the industry. The 11th Five -Year Plan has set sail already. Confronted with the fusion and link of the huge global market, China synthetic leather industry has to hold the opportunity, speed up the industrial structure adjustment and enhance the core competitive ability as well as raise the circulation economy consciousness and create the economy profession. Therefore, China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) and CPAS will hold “China Synthetic Leather Year” and other relative activities in Wenzhou. Fair will be held from September 26- 28, 2006 and activities will be started one day earlier. Its aim is to discuss the development of China synthetic leather, to exchange the experience of its production and marketing, to demonstrate the development achievement of China synthetic leather industry, and to make proposal for the healthy and scientific development of China synthetic leather industry. China Synthetic Leather Year will be mainly organized both by Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce and Donnor Exhibition Co.,Ltd. The grand ceremony of China Synthetic Leather Year consists of forum for policy (the topic forum), forum for global market, exhibition of the brilliant achievements in China synthetic leather industry and some other activities. What’s more, the term-expiration meeting of CPAS will be synchronized with the great event—“China Synthetic Leather Year”. The 11th China( Wenzhou) International Leather Fair has become the focus in the synthetic leather industry for they have organized the activities especially the grand ceremony of “China Synthetic Leather Year” and CPAS term-expiration meeting. Many manufacturers have asked to expand their booths to display their enterprise image better and welcome the great event. It is indicated that during the period of the ceremony of "China Synthetic Leather Year", the term-expiration meeting of CPAS will also be held in Wenzhou (for details, please online http://www.chinaleahterfair.com ). Except that over 80 Wenzhou local enterprises have scheduled 120 booths, a number of famous enterprises in synthetic leather field from Guangdong, Shandong, Anhui , etc. will also attend the fair. Besides, China leather Fair is well effected by the activity----China Synthetic Leather Year and driven by China construction of environment-friendly Society policy. Nowadays, overseas leather exhibitors from India, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions have participated in our fair, which brings in all kinds of cowhide, sheepskin, special animal skin, leather chemicals and leather machinery.