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Exhibition News | LeatherShoeTech 2020 Online Business Matchmaking Meeting Invitation


We are happy to announce that China Wenzhou Int'l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair (LeatherShoeTech 2020 for short) will take place as scheduled on 21-23 August, 2020 at China Wenzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center.


Due to the current COVID-19 crisis physical face-to-face interaction and trade has been heavily impacted between China and other countries. Organizer of LeatherShoeTech 2020, has developed a new online marketing strategy to increase the exports of made in China products to other countries. It is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to attend the LeatherShoeTech 2020 One-on-One Online Business Matchmaking Meeting


How will this Online Meeting benefit me?

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          Networking        Accommodation                Banquet           Show Catalog



* Accommodation: 3 nights 4-Star Hotel during the off-line exhibition in 2021

* Banquet: One Banquet on the first day of the off-line exhibition in 2021

Please note that: above benefits are only applicable for 1 person from 1 company. The buyers including distributor, retailer, wholesaler, importer, buying office. Please contact us for further information.

How does this Online Meeting work?

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Download Zoom App

The buyer needs to download the Zoom App 1 week before 

the start of the meeting (If there is any change in the video 

meeting app, the organizer will notify the buyer 10 days in advance). 

Join the Meeting

The organizer will send the buyer the meeting link & 

room number. Enter the Meeting Room Number 

provided by the Organizer 5 minutes earlier before 

the meeting. Please use your full name + company 

name as the meeting nickname.


One-on-One Online Business Meeting

The host will brief the meeting and guide buyers & sellers 

into sperate matching session. The Organizer will match the 

buyers to the meeting room according to the purchase 

demand. Each matching meeting room has the organizer 

administrator to provide preliminary assistance and guidance.

One Hour Online Meeting

Enjoy Virtual Matchmaking Platform to connect!


It's that simple!

Get matched up with the right exhibitors 

make your online meeting worthwhile by submitting your sourcing requirement to receive a list of recommended matches FOR FREE!