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Wenzhou fascinating handmade shoes will be showcased on August 27-29

OPAL CROCODILE is a famous handmade shoe-making studio in Wenzhou. The inheriting people of the intangible heritage shoemaker skills and the owner of the Opal Crocodile are Chen Wenhua and Chen Fang, they are a father-son relationship, with a lofty end in mind: to make the studio like those well-known family workshops in Italy. 

Chen Wenhua has launched the shoes collection campaign. At present, the Opal Crocodile Shoe Museum has collected nearly 20 kinds of shoes made by folk techniques. These unique folk shoes will showcase at the 26th China (Wenzhou) Int'l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair on August 27-29, 2021. In addition, Chen Wenhua and Chen Fang will also personally make shoes at the exhibition, showcasing the skills of traditional shoemakers. 


Chen Wenhua, senior footwear technician, he has won many honorary titles such as the inheriting people of the intangible heritage stitching shoe skills, chief technicians, famous masters, skilled masters, Wenzhou craftsmen, etc. Instructing the fifth-generation inheriting people of the intangible heritage stitching shoe skills, Chen Fang founded the Opal Crocodile Handmade Shoe Studio, determined to inherit Wenzhou's handmade shoe culture and promote the spirit of craftsmanship.


Chen Fang, who has been engaged in footwear work for nearly 10 years, and has been started his own business for nearly 7 years, has won the titles of outstanding employee of China Shoe Capital, Lucheng district craftsman, etc., and has won many honors in footwear production competitions. Actively promote the century-old culture of Wenzhou's folk shoe craftsmanship, adhere to the intangible heritage handmade shoemaking process and strive to promote "intangible heritage" culture into the campus.

The key point of handmade shoes is the hand-sewing process. There are hundreds of processes in the subdivision. The Opal Crocodile team can only make about 10 pairs of handmade shoes a month.


“Craftsmanship needs to be passed down, and handmade shoes can also be very fashionable. " Chen Fang has his own thoughts on handmade shoes: "In recent years, young people like trendy shoes, and the market prospects are particularly good. Our goal is to make opal crocodile handmade shoes become the trendy shoes that young people like. Like those well-known family workshops in Italy, become synonymous with trends and classics. "


Chen Wenhua believes that traditional sewing is exquisite and can be compared to any international brand. The only difference is the cultures and preferences. Inheritance, the most important thing is the market and people's consumption orientation, as well as the cultural confidence that we should have.

The 26th China (Wenzhou) Int'l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair will be held at the Wenzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Center from August 27 to 29. The organzier will invite Chen Wenhua, Chen Fang to show traditional stitching shoemaking skills, shoe samples and shoe-making tools, etc.


The construction of the Opal Crocodile Shoe Museum is what Chen Wenhua and Chen Fang are currently focusing on. In the conspicuous position of the studio, there is a display area with shoes made of various crafts.