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Free Accommodation Application

The Visitor Registration Channel of the 26th China (Wenzhou) Int'l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair has been opened.

Overseas Visitors who meet the Applicant requirements can apply for FREE Accommodation during the fair period.

Requirements for Applicant (Overseas Visitor)


Group Visitor:

at least 10 people come from at least 8 different companies in the shoe and leather industry to visit the fair as a Group


Individual Visitor: 

visit the fair individually as a professional in the shoe and leather industry and residing in China currently

Here are the answers to the questions related to the application for free accommodation.

Q: What is the "professional in the shoe and leather industry"?

A: People who work in Procurement, R&D, Production, Engineering, Automation, Supply chain management, and other departments of the leather and shoe companies.


Q: As a Group Visitor, what benefits can I get in addition to free accommodation?


① The group leader can reimburse his/her round-trip tickets (economic class)

② The group leader will receive an additional $100 USD for every new visitor (whose information is not in the organizer's database) invited

③ Group leader and members can enjoy 2-day FREE Four-star or Five-star hotel during the fair period (two people per room)

④ Group leader and members can enjoy airport pick-up service (same flight)

⑤ Group leader and members can get unified certificates to visit the fair

⑥ Group leader and members can be invited to an appreciation dinner (if the dinner is arranged), participated in the opening ceremony and related activities during the fair



Q: How to apply for the Free Accommodation?


Step 1: Inform the organizer to confirm your intention to organize a visitor group / visit the fair individually.

Step 2: Submit the materials required to may@donnor.net

Step 3: After checking the materials are correct, the group leader will receive a Group Visitor Confirmation and Hotel Confirmation / the individual visitor will receive a Hotel Confirmation

Step 4: After checking the arrival of all members during the fair period, the Group Leader shall bring the team passport copies and business cards to the Organizer Office to get the bonus



Q: What materials should be submitted?


Group Visitor:

Passport Page (PDF format)

Business/Name Card (PDF format)


Individual Visitor:

Passport Page (PDF format)

Business/Name Card (PDF format)

Travel Code or other materials that can prove your current residence or life in China


*Travel Code Example


Q: What if I still have questions about it?

A: Send mail to may@donnor.net, a specially-assigned person will contact you and answer your questions.


We look forward to your participation to help make the 26th China (Wenzhou) Int’l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair more successful!