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Wenzhou Int’l leather Fair First Stop in the World - Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry Int’l Expo


[Shoe Leather Industry global Tour] The 26th Wenzhou Int’l Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Exhibition promotes the global tour in full swing. After that, we will go deep into the domestic shoe leather industry clusters such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hebei, Sichuan and overseas shoe production areas such as Italy, the United States, Turkey, Russia, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Colombia and other large scale, one to one buyer invitation. We will visit industrial clusters, industrial parks, markets, professional exhibitions, etc., communicate face-to-face with professional buyers offline, and accurately meet the needs of buyers.


The "Global Tour" is divided into two parallel lines at home and abroad, and continues until the exhibition starts. It will visit 100+ industrial clusters and 5,000 + factories, cover 50,000 + precise people, and carry out the exhibition promotion with high precision and high reach rate.


The Organizing committee leaved for Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry Int’l Expo, the first stop of the "Global tour" in China, on April 18th.

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Seize the opportunity, keep fighting. In the Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry Int’l Expo, the organizing committee communicated with industry related personnel to learn the latest information of the industry, and at the same time publicized the relevant situation of Wenzhou Int’l Leather, Shoe material & Shoe machinery Exhibition to exhibitors and professional visitors, so as to create a momentum for the exhibition and further expand the popularity and industry influence of the exhibition.

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By means of various promotional materials, the preparation of Wenzhou Int’l Leather, Shoe material & Shoe Machinery Exhibition, the development trend of Wenzhou market and the industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions were introduced to the participating enterprises, and the invitations were sent to them. Many enterprises on the spot indicated that they were willing to look for new business opportunities through Wenzhou Int’l leather, shoe material & shoe machinery exhibition. The scene atmosphere is very harmonious.

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In the future, the organizing committee will continue to do its best to promote the exhibition and invite visitors, and establish a high-quality customer circle. We will continue to uphold the vision of the industry, and join hands with the vast number of exhibitors and visitors to seize and share new opportunities in the industry, enabling the construction of a new industrial pattern.


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