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2023(Wenzhou) Footwear Smart Manufacturing and Fashion Design Summit is coming with a full line-up!


In the context of increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and international footwear market

2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) Footwear Wisdom and Fashion Design Summit

is coming

Focus on "New Material, New Technology, New Design" theme

Specially invited experts from famous enterprises and footwear designers from Guangdong and Taiwan

Share the latest design trends

To provide new ideas for enterprise design and development, and to promote the innovative development of footwear industry

Conference theme: New materials, new technology, new design

Time: July 2 (Sunday) 14:00-17:00

Venue: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center - Hall 3 Conference Room

Organizer: National Footwear and Apparel Industry Education Integration Alliance

         Zhejiang Leather Industry Association

         Wenzhou Shoe Leather Industry Association

Organizer: Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co.

Co-organizer: China Europe Huiyuan Creative Design Service Platform

                 Zhejiang Huafeng New Material Co.

                         Guangdong Jusheng New Material Technology Co.

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Guest Introduction

Presentation Topic: Footwear Broad Design and Ideology Productization Iteration

Speaker: Kai Shi


Director of the National Committee of Textile and Clothing School-Enterprise Cooperation, Ministry of Education

Chairman of the National Alliance for the Integration of Education and Industry in Footwear and Apparel

Chief Expert and President of China Foot and Ankle Health Equipment Research Institute

Chairman of Zhejiang Leather Industry Association

National ten thousand people plan leading talents

Supervisor of Zhejiang Provincial Government

Speech Topic: New Generation Brand - Design Code - New Marketing, New Design, New Material

Speaker: Guo Binwen


Founder of China-Europa Genesis Design Service Platform

China Footwear (Leather Goods) Pioneer Award

Awarded "Top 10 Footwear Pathfinder Pioneers" in 2015

Twice awarded the "China Footwear Industry Best Design Service Agency Award"

Speech Topic: Innovative Application of 3D Printing in Footwear Material Field

Guest Speaker Xu Xu


Zhejiang Huafeng New Material Co.

Nankai University Master's Degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Speech Topic: The "Soul" and "Type" of New Design for Footwear Brands

Keynote Speaker: Wu Weijian


Previously presided over the design of brands such as FILA and Champion at Smart Sportswear

Hosted the design of soccer shoes for Li Ning and Tebut at Zhongyuanjia Import & Export Trading Co.

Hosted the design of Asics sports brand development at Meiyi Footwear Co.

Won: GFA Global Footwear Award (Germany) Fashion Footwear Champion, Children's Footwear Champion

Speech topic: Intelligent shoe machine special adhesive helps shoe enterprises achieve high quality development through intelligent manufacturing

Speaker: Guo Songhua


Founder of New Crown Power Brand

General Manager of Guangdong Jusheng New Material Technology Co.

July 2 (Sunday)


Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center - Hall 3 Conference Room

New Material, New Technology, New Design

2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) Footwear Smart Manufacturing & Fashion Design Summit

Please look forward to the exciting scene!