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Wenzhou Int'l Leather Fair organizing committee promotion in Shanghai& Guangzhou

The 27th China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoe Material, Shoe Machinery Fair will be held in 2024 August 23-25 in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, held concurrently with the "China International Synthetic Leather Exhibition", "China (Wenzhou) International Sewing Equipment Fair China International Synthetic Leather Fair ", "China (Wenzhou) International Sewing Equipment Fair ", "China (Wenzhou) International Digital Printing Fair " will be held concurrently in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

In order to further enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition, recently, members of the organizing committee of the exhibition went to Shanghai, Guangzhou to participate in the industry exhibition to start the publicity work, promote the Wenzhou International Leather, Shoe materials and Shoe Machinery Fair , and actively invite businessmen at home and abroad to gather in August 2024 in Wenzhou, to share the footwear and leather industry event!

At the exhibition site, members of the organizing committee visited the booths on site, introduced the exhibition in detail for the exhibitors, listened to the exhibitors' opinions and suggestions on the exhibition, and actively invited the exhibitors to visit and participate in the exhibition.

In addition, the organizing committee members actively contacted overseas merchants, passed on the information of the exhibition, and invited overseas buyers to visit and purchase in Wenzhou next year.

2023 ACLE

Exhibition site


2023 International Exhibition on Shoes and Leather industry --Guangzhou

Exhibition site


In the future, the organizing committee will continue to penetrate into the domestic and international high-quality exhibitions, and actively convey the information of Wenzhou International Leather, Shoe Material and Shoe Machinery Fair to the industry, fully explore the potential customers, and help to build brand awareness, expand market share, and achieve win-win situation for all parties.