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Portuguese Footwear Cluster with Record Results in 2022

Portuguese footwear and leather goods exports reached 2.35 million euros in 2022, a new all-time high, up by 22.2% as compared to the prior year. All segments registered significant growth


Last year, Portugal exported 76 million pairs of shoes, generating 2.009 million euros. These figures reflect an increase of 10.5% in volume and 20.2% in value, on a comparable basis to 2021. When compared to 2019, footwear exports grew by 13.8%. The average price of the Portuguese shoe, which stood at 26.40 euros, also rose by 8.7%, as compared to 2021.


A more refined analysis of the evolution of exports shows that Portugal is growing in nearly all the most relevant markets, such as Germany (up by 11.7% to 433 million euros), France (up by 15% to 384 million euros) and the Netherlands (up by 25% to 306 million euros).


Sales to non-EU countries stand out in the general picture, already amounting to 20% of the total value exported (392 million euros in 2022). A decade earlier, in 2012, non-EU markets accounted for only 9% of total exports. Brexit has decisively contributed to these figures, but it does not entirely justify this expressive leap. For example, in the space of a decade, footwear exports to the US rose from 19 to 114 million euros (growth of 52% only in 2022).


Footwear components exports soar

The footwear components' sector is also performing well in foreign markets. Exports increased by 30.2% in 2022 to 65 million euros, year-over-year.  The segment "soles and heels", particularly, recorded a growth of 20% to 32 million euros. Positive performances in Germany (up by 13% to 16 million euros), France (up by 40% to 11 million euros) and Spain (up by 16% to 9 million euros) ought to be highlighted.


Leather goods reach new record

The know-how amassed over generations and continuous investment in professional qualification is an increasingly significative argument for the leather goods sector. In 2022, the sector's exports reached a new historical high, with a growth of 37.4%, which amounted to 273 million euros. France (up by 99% to 86 million euros) and Spain (up by 34.2% to 70 million euros) were decisive for this result.



Source: World Footwear